Installation of the hangar

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Choose from available hangar models according to your required specifications.

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We will process the order for you and send an invoice.

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We will deliver the hangar and we will install it in your chosen place.


The hangars in our offer can be applied to the needs of multiple industries.


For storage of agricultural machinery out of work season or harvest storage.


Usable for storing construction equipment and protecting the object from precipitation.


Usable as a movable warehouse for storing production.


Applied as an additional space for increasing production capacity.

Why Choose Us

High quality products

The products we offer are delivered from a trusted manufacturer that guarantees quality. Materials used in hangar production meet the highest quality standards.

Professional team

The hangar assembly and installation is carried out by an experienced team. We have made hangar installation in various complexity objects, so we can find a solution almost always.

Understandable and good prices

The prices described on the website are understandable to everyone. Our products are obtained directly from the manufacturer and without intermediaries, therefore our prices are without surplus markings.

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Properties of Hangars

Persistent against sun rays

PVC material used for hangar covers is resistant to UV rays, so it will not dissolve in the sun over years.

Persistent against weather conditions

The hangar cover material is fully waterproof and durable enough to remain intact even in the strong wind gust.

High degree of strength

The hangar arcs are made of high quality steel, so they will not fail even under high load conditions.

Easily and quickly repairs

PVC hangars, unlike solid material hangars, can easily be repaired - mechanical cover damage can be eliminated by appropriate adhesive tape.